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Recruitment in a new world!

Recruitment can now change to a factual process! Join us and learn how …

Recruitment is a critical building block in support of the success of a business. Now, like never before, you must get it right! This FREE webinar will give you practical pointers on how to facilitate the recruitment process in the work-from-home world! Don't miss it!

19 August 2020

3:00 PM SAST | 9:00 AM ET

Career planning is a process...not an event!

A career is a progressive, productive, journey. Let us help you build yours…

For people who found their optimal career, success comes without effort. Join the Shadowmatch career coaching process and we will help you find yours. Your Career Guidance Report and four coaching sessions for the price of two pizzas! Don't miss this opportunity!

24 August 2020

7:00 PM SAST | 1:00 PM ET